Article Five – Officers

The Committee shall elect two Co-Chairs (not of the same sex), a Treasurer, a Secretary, an Affirmative Action and Outreach Officer, and other appropriate officers as the Committee may see fit.

Officers shall be elected every two years at an organizational meeting which shall be held no later than April 15th.

A) Co-Chairs:

The Co-Chairs are responsible for serving as Presiding Officers to facilitate the Committee’s work including, but not limited to:

1)  chairing the regular, special and Executive Committee meetings;
2)  organizing and chairing the annual Caucus to elect delegates to the State Democratic Party Convention;
3)  organizing and coordinating the Committee’s work to ensure that all agreements, orders, resolutions and policies of the Ward Committee are carried into effect.
4)  serving as the Committee’s liaison(s) with the State Democratic Party;
5)  serving as the Committee’s spokesperson(s) to the public and media;
6)  serving as ex officio member(s) of all standing and ad hoc committees;
7)  performing other duties authorized or assigned by the Committee.

B) Treasurer:

1)  The Treasurer must meet the qualifications required by the Secretary of State and State Democratic Party.
2)  The Treasurer is responsible for the care and custody of all Ward 19 funds including, but not limited to:

(a) receiving and giving receipts for all Committee funds;
(b) safekeeping such funds;
(c) disbursing such funds for Committee activities in accordance with specific Committee policies;
(d) maintaining accurate, current records of funds and filing reports as required by State law;
(e) providing the Committee an accurate monthly report of received, secured and disbursed funds

C) Secretary:

The Secretary is responsible for:

1)  drafting minutes of the proceedings of the Committee’s monthly meetings for member review, comment and acceptance;
2)  providing the Committee with a quarterly report of member attendance for the past 12 months
3)  providing the Secretary of State, the State Democratic Party, and the Boston Election Department with required information re: the Committee;
4)  maintaining files of the Committee’s official records.

D) Affirmative Action and Outreach Officer:

The Officer is responsible for:

A) developing and implementing a yearly plan of affirmativeaction and outreach activities;
B) organizing actions to involve under-represented segments of the Ward 19 community and to promote interest in Committee membership;
C) reporting annually on the affirmative action and outreach issues, efforts and results.

Final Adopted By-laws Enacted September 2012 of the Ward 19 Jamaica Plain – Roslindale Democratic Committee Page – 6 – of 14
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