Preamble Page 1
Article One – Definitions Page 2
Article Two – Membership Page 3
Article Three – Associate Membership Page 4
Article Four – Removal Page 5
Article Five – Officers Page 6
Article Six– Committees Page 7 & 8
Article Seven– General Operations Page 9 & 10
Article Eight – Endorsements Page 11 & 12
Article Nine – Affirmative Action Page 13
Article Ten – Amendments to the Bylaws Page 14


We, the Democratic Ward Committee of Ward 19, in common purpose with the principles stated within the National and State Democratic Party charters, are united in seeking individual and political freedoms and social and economic justice for our communities.

We affirm that we can best attain these goals through a strong, cohesive Party and Ward Committee – honest, open and accessible to all.

The Democratic Party and this Ward Committee demand responsibility and accountability from the Ward Committee members, the candidates and officials using its name. It shall be a democratic Ward Committee with which all social, economic, ethnic and geographic groups can gather to clarify issues, affect public policies and implement systems of equal opportunity regardless of race, national origin, creed, gender, age or sexual orientation.

Final Adopted By-laws Enacted September 2012 of the Ward 19 Jamaica Plain – Roslindale Democratic Committee Page – 1 – of 14
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