Article Two – Membership

A) Type

  1. The Committee shall consist of members elected at the Presidential Primaries for a period of four years in accordance with the current Secretary of State Elections Division Ward Committee elections procedures.
  2. Current elected members who have served five elected terms are not required to run for re- election after 20 years and may continue to serve on the Committee as a voting member. In such cases their positions are not included in the number of elected members permitted by the Secretary of State.
  3. The Committee may also appoint Associate Members in accordance with Article 3 of these bylaws.

B) Responsibilities

  1. All members are responsible for participating in the Committee’s monthly meetings.
  2. All members are responsible for participating in a standing and/or ad hoc committee established to fulfill Committee obligations or implement Committee activities.
  3. All members are responsible for complying with the State Democratic Party Charter and Bylaws.


Final Adopted By-laws Enacted September 2012 of the Ward 19 Jamaica Plain – Roslindale Democratic Committee Page – 3 – of 14
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