Article Three – Associate Membership

A) Registered Democrats who are residents of Ward 19 may be appointed “associate member” by the elected members of the Committee when they have demonstrated their commitment to the Committee work by:

  1. attending at least three monthly Committee meetings within a 6 month period and
  2. requesting an appointment as an associate member.

B) On recommendation of an elected Committee member, the individual may be appointed an associate member by a majority vote of the elected Committee members present and voting.

C)  Associate members have the same responsibilities and privileges as elected Committee members with the following exceptions:

  1. associate members are not eligible for Committee officer positions;
  2. associate members may not vote on Committee matters; and
  3. associate members must reapply for membership at the biennial Committee organizational meeting.

D)  Associate members are subject to the conditions outlined under ‘Article Two – Membership’ B) Responsibilities.


Final Adopted By-laws Enacted September 2012 of the Ward 19 Jamaica Plain – Roslindale Democratic Committee Page – 4 – of 14
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