Article Four – Removal

Members and associate members of the Ward Committee pledge themselves to participate fully in the business of the Ward Committee.

A)  Any elected or associate member shall automatically lose membership by:

  1. ending enrollment in the Democratic Party, or
  2. moving from Ward 19.

B)  Any elected or associate member shall, by two-thirds vote of members present and voting, lose membership for:

  1. publicly endorsing or supporting any candidate opposing the Democratic party nominee as outlined in the State Democratic Charter,
  2. unauthorized use of Ward 19, State or National Democratic Party name or resources, or
  3. conviction, after appeals are exhausted, of a criminal offense other than a misdemeanor.

C)  Any elected or associate member who does not attend at least half of the scheduled monthly meetings during any twelve month period may be removed by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting unless a member:

  1. requests a leave of absence of up to six months,
  2. requests reassignment to an associate member, or
  3. resigns.

D)  The Executive Committee is responsible for:

  1. receiving allegations of actions warranting a member’s removal,
  2. making a determination that the allegations do or do not warrant Ward Committee review,
  3. if the determination warrants Ward Committee review, giving the member under review:

(a)  a written copy of the results of its determination,
(b)  a description of the ward Committee and State Committee processes, and
(c)  an opportunity to resign before a Ward Committee review of the Executive Committee determination is announced. (Note: If the member resigns, the Secretary advises the appropriate State Democratic Committee and Secretary of State offices.)

E)  If the member decides not to resign, the Ward Committee Co-Chairs are responsible for:

  1. scheduling a review of the Executive Committee determination at the Ward Committee’s next monthly meeting provided a summary of the Executive Committee findings have been sent at least 7 calendar days prior to the monthly meeting,
  2. sending the member under review a written notice and summary of findings for the Ward Committee meeting at which the Executive Committee’s determination will be reviewed via return receipt mail at least 7 calendar days prior to the monthly meeting,
  3. reviewing the Executive Committee findings with the Ward Committee to open the review,
  4. conducting the review, including providing time for the member under review to be given an opportunity to respond to the findings and Ward Committee questions,
  5. calling for the Ward Committee’s vote,
  6. advising the member who has been removed by a two-thirds vote of the Committee members present and voting of his/her right to appeal to the Judicial Council of the State Democratic Party and that such appeal must be made within 30 calendar days of the Committee’s vote to remove.

Associate memberships shall expire at the first organizational meeting of a newly elected ward committee, following each presidential primary. However, past associate members in good standing may be re-appointed by the new Ward Committee by a majority vote, without the three month trial period required of first-time associate members.


Final Adopted By-laws Enacted September 2012 of the Ward 19 Jamaica Plain – Roslindale Democratic Committee Page – 1 – of 14
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