Attend a Virtual Hearing on the 2021 State Party Platform

At Platform Hearings, registered Democrats will offer testimony about what they would like to see in the 2021 Party Platform. These meetings are hosted by the Massachusetts Democratic Party and at least one Platform Chair and members of the Committee will be in attendance.

Hearings relevant to our Congressional Districts (CDs) will be held as follows:

  • All districts: August 7 and 14, 2021, at 10:00 am.
  • CD 7: August 11, 2021, at 6:30 pm.
  • CD 8: August 12, 2021, at 6:30 pm.

Register at


MBTA Announces Accelerated Construction to Replace 20-year-old Track and Intersections on the Green Line E Branch from August 2 through August 29

Green line service on Huntington Avenue will end at Brigham Circle during this period. There will be free shuttle service on the #39 bus between Heath Street and Brigham Circle.

A Virtual Public Meeting set for July 14, 2021, at 6 PM. For details, the announcement is here.

Thanks to Rep. Elugardo’s office for providing the announcement.

Upcoming Town Hall with Senator Chang-Diaz

You are invited to a virtual town hall with Senator Chang-Díaz on July 21, from 5:30 to 7 PM. Second Suffolk Town Hall: Pandemic Recovery Agenda will be a chance for constituents to hear from Sen. Chang-Díaz directly about her legislative priorities and ask questions on community or statewide issues that matter to them. 

The event will be held over Zoom; both Spanish interpretation and closed captioning will be available. Those interested in attending can register here

Sign Up Now for June 28 Caucus

Registered Democrats in Boston Ward 19 will hold a caucus on Monday, June 28, 2021 via Zoom, to elect Delegates and Alternates to the 2021 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention.  The caucus will take place virtually. Democrats who wish to participate may sign up  here. Because of the virtual nature of the caucus, it is important that you sign up ahead of the session so that we can check your voter registration. The Zoom session will be available at 6 pm; virtual admission begins at 6:30 pm.  the virtual doors close at 7 pm, and anyone in the virtual waiting room at that time will be admitted. 

    This year’s state convention will be held on Sept. 25 at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, where Democrats from across the state will come together to adopt a Party platform, discuss Party business and celebrate our successes as we prepare for upcoming elections. The event will take place in line with all federal, state and local health guidelines and will include a virtual option for participation. 

    The caucus is open to all registered and pre-registered Democrats in Boston Ward 19 (Jamaica Plain and Roslindale).  Pre-registered Democrats who will be 16 years old by June 15, 2021 will be allowed to participate and run as a Delegate or Alternate. Boston Ward 19 can elect 26 Delegates and 5 Alternates to the Convention.

       Youth, minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals who are not elected as a Delegate or Alternate may apply to be an Add-on Delegate at the caucus or at by August 6, 2021.

       For further questions, or if you are interested in getting involved with the Boston Ward 19 Democratic Committee, please contact

SPRING BACK BETTER – Help JP/Roslindale Community Groups and Businesses to Re-Open

To celebrate the success of the first 100 days of the Biden/Harris administration, the Ward 19 Democratic Committee (JP, Roslindale) is launching Spring Back Better, a campaign to help local community groups and businesses to fully re-open.

With the benefit of the Covid-19 Relief Bill and Covid-19 vaccinations widely disseminated, we’re able to start venturing out and opening back up. We know that our community (in Jamaica Plain and Roslindale) has gone through a lot. Some small businesses and community organizations have been able to function online or through take-out/delivery. Others had to close due to the absence of clients and revenues. 

In January, on the recommendation of the Biden/Harris Inaugural Committee, Ward 19 solicited funds for the First Baptist Church J.P. food pantry and the Roslindale Congregational Church food pantry. The generous community response enabled us to provide fresh produce three times to 550 households.

Now Ward 19 is extending its support to local businesses and the local non-profit community. Many need our help to get back to business. We have highlighted a short list of groups below, and we know that many more need your support. Based on your ability and interests, we encourage you to donate to, and/or volunteer with, these groups or others to help the community transition out of pandemic-driven difficulties.

Thank you for helping our community Spring Back Better!

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MassDems Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccines and the MA Vaccination Plan

On Monday, May 10th from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, the Public Policy Subcommittee is hosting a webinar on the COVID-19 vaccines and how to get them. This panel will feature physicians and activists helping their communities get vaccinated, led by David Duong, MD, MPH, Director of the Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change at Harvard, and featuring Paulette Denise Chandler, MD, MPH, Wilfredo R.Matias, MD, and Natalícia Tracy, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Brazilian Worker Center. 

Click here to download the event flyer and please share this information with your local committees. If there are community organizations in your area helping folks book vaccine appointments, or you’re interested in receiving a recording of the webinar to promote on a local cable station, please contact the Public Policy Subcommittee. 

Join the Celebration of the Historic First 100 Days of the Biden Harris Admin

Next week, we celebrate the successes of the first 100 days of the President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris administration. The DNC is encouraging all Democrats to join in on the Week of Action activities that will be available from Monday, April 26 through Friday, April 30. 

All the details of how you, your family and friends can join in celebrating and talk about the positive impact of the American Rescue Plan can be found at

Read more below, or find resources in our 100 Day Guide. 


Sign up to volunteer and reach out to supporters to talk about the major legislative wins this administration has already had, including the American Rescue Plan, and the importance of passing the American Jobs Plan. 

Watch parties: President Joe Biden will address lawmakers in a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28, delivering his first remarks to both chambers nearly 100 days after taking office. Host a watch party with your friends, neighbors, and community. Check out our host’s guide and learn more here.

Share your story: YOU are our best story tellers for spreading the word about all of President Biden’s success in the last 100 days. Read more from our guidelines and submit your selfie video here.

Phone banks: We’ll be hosting a phone bank every day during the week of action! Sign up here.

Supporters will have the following opportunities to volunteer:
Attend a Phone Bank
Host a Joint Address Watch Party
Attend a Joint Address Watch Party
Share Your Story

Two women make history in Boston and Washington!

History made in Boston as 1st Black, 1st woman becomes mayor. See her swearing in at
Boston’s former mayor, Marty Walsh, is the new secretary of labor.

Read Dr. Rachel Levine’s statement after her historic confirmation last night:

“I am honored that the U.S. Senate has voted in favor of my nomination to be Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services. I am grateful to President Biden and Vice President Harris for nominating me to this important post. I look forward to working under the leadership of Secretary Becerra and ensuring that we promote policies that advance the health and wellbeing of all Americans.

As I prepare to take my oath of office and begin serving as Assistant Secretary for Health, I would like to take this opportunity to address members of the LGBTQ community. First, thank you. Only through your work and advocacy over many decades is my story possible. I am humbled to be the first transgender individual to serve in a Senate-confirmed position. As Vice President Harris has said, I recognize that I may be the first, but am heartened by the knowledge that I will not be the last. When I assume this position, I will stand on the shoulders of those who came before- people we know throughout history and those whose names we will never know because they were forced to live and work in the shadows.

In particular, I want to address transgender youth. I know that each and every day you confront many difficult challenges. Sadly, some of the challenges you face are
from people who would seek to use your identity and circumstance as a weapon. It hurts. I know. I cannot promise you that these attacks will immediately cease, but I will do everything I can to support you and advocate for you. President Obama often reminded us that not all progress goes in a straight line. What I can tell you is that there is a place for you in America and in our government. Our ‘more perfect union’ includes you, too.”

In this statement, Dr. Levine perfectly expressed why LGBTQ representation matters – and why having an out voices in power makes a world of difference for LGBTQ youth. Statements like these are why LGBTQ Victory Institute works overtime to ensure that all out voices are included in the conversation.

Our Presidential Appointments Initiatives was Dr. Levine’s strongest advocate – both before her nomination and throughout the confirmation process. We were even called “her personal PR team.” Help us do this for more groundbreaking LGBTQ potential appointees. If you can make a donation to power this essential work and add more out voices to government, we appreciate it.

Elliot Imse
Pronouns: he|him|his
Vice President of Communications, LGBTQ Victory Institute

NEW DNC AD: “Help Is Here”, and what the American Rescue Plan means for Massachusetts

The Democratic National Committee today released a 60-second television ad, “Help Is Here,” that highlights how President Biden and Democrats have delivered real, tangible results for the American people and their families by making the American Rescue Plan a reality. “When President Biden took office, he promised the American people that help was on the way — and now, thanks to his leadership and a united Democratic Party, help is here,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The American Rescue Plan is the bold and historic action we need to combat this virus. With measures including direct payments of $1,400 per person and resources to help manufacture and distribute vaccines, it will provide the relief working families need and overwhelmingly want, while showing that the government is again working for the people.” 

The American Rescue Plan: Impacts on Massachusetts 

The Need for Action in Massachusetts 

The pandemic and the associated economic crisis have had a severe impact on Massachusetts. The need for action is clear: 

  • Since the pandemic began, more than 568,979 people have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 16,293 people have died. 
  • The unemployment rate is 8.4%, up from 2.8% before the pandemic. 
  • Since February 2020, more than 204,033 fewer people are employed. 
  • 337,000 adults – 7% of all adults in the state – report not having enough food to eat. This includes 185,000 adults living with children, or 12% of all adults living with children, who report that the children in their household do not have enough to eat. 
  • An estimated 284,000 renters or 17% of renters are not caught up on rent. 
  • An estimated 1,406,000 adults or 28% of all adults statewide report having difficulty covering normal household expenses. 

The Effect of the American Rescue Plan on Massachusetts 

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan will provide Massachusetts with: 

  • $5.356 billion in state fiscal relief 
  • $2.663 in local fiscal relief 
  • More than $1.897 billion in relief for K-12 schools 
  • Economic impact payments of up to $1,400 per person (above the $600 per person provided in December) for more than 3,925,800 adults and 1,331,400 children. This is 78% of all adults in the state and 73% of all children in the state. 
  • Additional relief of up to $1,600 per child through the Child Tax Credit to the families of 1,105,00 children, lifting 55,000 children out of poverty 
  • Additional relief of up to nearly $1,000 through the Earned Income Tax Credit to 294,000 childless workers, including many in frontline jobs 
  • Marketplace health insurance premiums that are $1,011 lower per month for a 60-year old couple earning $75,000 per year 
  • Provide over $1 billion in funding for public transit to maintain full service and keep workers employed.
  • Provide renters with $362 million in assistance. 

DNC on Senate Democrats Passing COVID Relief Bill

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“The American people voted for leaders who would deliver the relief they need to weather this pandemic and economic crisis — and they won’t forget that Democrats answered the call for help. Senate Democrats just came together to pass President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, a relief bill that includes: direct payments to Americans, expanded and extended unemployment benefits, funding for vaccine distribution, funding to safely reopen schools, and assistance for small businesses. This plan has broad bipartisan support from the public, and from state and local officials of both parties across the country. And yet, while our country is in need and folks are hurting, Republicans in Congress once again tried to stand in the way of helping the American people. The contrast couldn’t be clearer: Democrats will continue the fight to end this pandemic and to build back better.”