Special Election Help and Resolutions Committee Updates

Through Resistance Summer we’ve knocked over 4,500 doors with the help of 102 volunteer shifts throughout the Commonwealth. Last Saturday, we joined the 40,000 counterprotesters in Boston to stand up for equality and justice and denounce hate and bigotry.

There are going to be additional ways to continue to get involved with the Party to promote Democratic values and help elect Democrats up and down the ticket. We have a number of special elections in the state legislature coming up and we need your help. If you want to volunteer after the primaries, please sign up here.


Below is a message from State Committee Members Alex Pratt and Marianne Rutter, co-chairs of the Resolutions Subcommittee:

Dear Delegates to the Massachusetts Democratic Convention,

On behalf of the resolutions subcommittee, we wanted to invite you to submit testimony on the sixteen proposed resolutions before us. Because thirteen of these resolutions were referred to us by the Democratic Convention in June, we feel strongly that delegates should be given the opportunity to submit testimony on these resolutions.

Testimony can be submitted through this online form, by email to resolutions@massdems.org, or in person at our hearing on Monday, August 28th at 6pm at UA Local 12 Plumbers and Gasfitters Hall (1240 Massachusetts Avenue in Dorchester). In-person testimony will be limited to two minutes. The deadline to submit testimony online or by email is 6:00 pm on Monday, August 28

The resolutions subcommittee will review the testimony and then discuss and vote on the proposed resolutions on a conference call on Thursday, August 31. Members of the public will be able to call in at (617) 917-5071 to listen to the discussion, but only members of the subcommittee will able to discuss and make motions on the proposed resolutions.

After those votes, we will submit a subcommittee report to the full Democratic State Committee ahead of its September 9th meeting in West Springfield. The DSC will then vote on the acceptance of that report.

Thank you in advance for your testimony! If you have any questions, please contact the Subcommittee Co-Chair Alex Pratt at alex.d.pratt@gmail.com or MassDems Executive Director Veronica Martinez at veronica@massdems.org.


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