Announcing our Delegates to the 2018 State Convention

At its caucus on this past Saturday, February 3, 2018, nearly 90 registered Democrats in Ward 19 elected the following delegates to attend the State Democratic convention on June 1-2, 2018, at the DCU Center in Worcester. The Ward 19 Democratic Committee congratulates our delegates!

Thanks to all the members and volunteers who helped make the caucus run smoothly. Special thanks to Bill Shaevel and Nancy Doherty for planning and running the food table, and to Painters And Allied Trades DC 35 for the use of their hall in Roslindale.

Female delegates:

  • Arreen Andrew
  • Glenda Buell
  • Ziba Cranmer
  • Ruth George
  • Henia Handler
  • Nikki Kong
  • Makeeba McCreary
  • Alexandra Oliver-Davila
  • Jackeline Peguero
  • Christine Poff
  • Julia Ryan
  • Heidi Shork

Male delegates:

  • Erik Berg
  • Ed Burley
  • Jim Greene
  • Jesse Hechevarria
  • Rueben Kantor
  • Carmel Levy
  • Brendan Little
  • Will Poff-Webster
  • John Riordan
  • Ruben Rodrigues
  • Bill Shaevel
  • Phil Stubblefield

Alternate delegates were elected in three stages: 2 Female Alternate (FA), 2 Male Alternate (MA),and 1 Female/Male Alternate (FMA). The order below is significant; it is in order of total votes received and determines the order in which alternate delegates will  replace a delegate (or delegates) if needed:

  • John Young (MA)
  • Cathleen Prata (FA)
  • Kerry Costello (FA)
  • Chuck Collins (MA)
  • Helen Raizen (FMA)

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