NEW DNC AD: “Help Is Here”, and what the American Rescue Plan means for Massachusetts

The Democratic National Committee today released a 60-second television ad, “Help Is Here,” that highlights how President Biden and Democrats have delivered real, tangible results for the American people and their families by making the American Rescue Plan a reality. “When President Biden took office, he promised the American people that help was on the way — and now, thanks to his leadership and a united Democratic Party, help is here,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The American Rescue Plan is the bold and historic action we need to combat this virus. With measures including direct payments of $1,400 per person and resources to help manufacture and distribute vaccines, it will provide the relief working families need and overwhelmingly want, while showing that the government is again working for the people.” 

The American Rescue Plan: Impacts on Massachusetts 

The Need for Action in Massachusetts 

The pandemic and the associated economic crisis have had a severe impact on Massachusetts. The need for action is clear: 

  • Since the pandemic began, more than 568,979 people have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 16,293 people have died. 
  • The unemployment rate is 8.4%, up from 2.8% before the pandemic. 
  • Since February 2020, more than 204,033 fewer people are employed. 
  • 337,000 adults – 7% of all adults in the state – report not having enough food to eat. This includes 185,000 adults living with children, or 12% of all adults living with children, who report that the children in their household do not have enough to eat. 
  • An estimated 284,000 renters or 17% of renters are not caught up on rent. 
  • An estimated 1,406,000 adults or 28% of all adults statewide report having difficulty covering normal household expenses. 

The Effect of the American Rescue Plan on Massachusetts 

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan will provide Massachusetts with: 

  • $5.356 billion in state fiscal relief 
  • $2.663 in local fiscal relief 
  • More than $1.897 billion in relief for K-12 schools 
  • Economic impact payments of up to $1,400 per person (above the $600 per person provided in December) for more than 3,925,800 adults and 1,331,400 children. This is 78% of all adults in the state and 73% of all children in the state. 
  • Additional relief of up to $1,600 per child through the Child Tax Credit to the families of 1,105,00 children, lifting 55,000 children out of poverty 
  • Additional relief of up to nearly $1,000 through the Earned Income Tax Credit to 294,000 childless workers, including many in frontline jobs 
  • Marketplace health insurance premiums that are $1,011 lower per month for a 60-year old couple earning $75,000 per year 
  • Provide over $1 billion in funding for public transit to maintain full service and keep workers employed.
  • Provide renters with $362 million in assistance. 

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