Sample Ballots for Ward 19 for March 3 Primary Election, and Write-In Request

The following file: Ward 19 sample ballots contains images of the ballot you will see. There are 3 ballots, depending on your precinct. They differ only in candidates for State Committee.

The Ward 19 Democratic Committee recommends you vote for the entire slate of committee members. In addition, we strongly request that you write in the following two names and addresses in the write-in spaces, filling in the ovals to the right of their names:

  • Cathleen Prata
    24 St. Peter Street, Jamaica Plain
  • Wayne Yeh
    69 1/2 Boylston Street, Jamaica Plain

Please be careful to spell the names correctly. Cathleen has been a member of the committee for several years and is currently doing excellent work as our Clerk/Secretary. Wayne joins us as a member of the Young Chinese Democrats and will provide excellent access to that community. Their names do not appear on the ballot because of problems, since resolved, with their registration.


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