Caucus suspended until further notice

We have received the following from the state committee. Until you hear otherwise, please assume that our March 21 caucus is affected by this announcement. We will post any updates here.

I wanted to let you know, the following statement was just sent out by the Massachusetts Democratic Party:

“In light of guidance provided by state officials at this afternoon’s press conference, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is temporarily suspending all caucuses scheduled to take place. In the event that this temporary suspension must continue for an extended period of time, the Party will develop a replacement to the caucus process. We will continue to follow the guidance of state and local health officials and will make a decision to end the temporary suspension based on that guidance. The Party has informed Senator Markey and Congressman Kennedy of this decision, and each supported the necessary decision by the state party to postpone the caucuses.”

Beginning with tonight’s caucuses, we are temporarily suspending scheduled caucuses. This is an evolving situation, and we’ll be monitoring the recommendations of state officials. I will provide more information in Thursday’s email.

Democratically yours,

Gus Bickford
Chair, Massachusetts Democratic Party.


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