Voting Information for Boston 2022 Elections

REGISTER TO VOTE By Saturday, August 27 at 5 pm:

•In person: 1 CITY HALL SQUARE, ROOM 241

•Online here 

YOUR POLLING LOCATION MAY HAVE CHANGED: Precinct boundaries for Ward 19, precincts 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 have changed (along with many precincts in other wards)


•Find out your voting status (including precinct and new districts) here.

•Find your polling location (including precinct and new districts) here.

  City presentation on reprecincting is here (see slides 61-64 for Ward 19)

PRIMARY is Tuesday, September 6

VOTE BY MAIL (submit an application before 5 pm on Monday, August 29)

To return your ballot in person instead of mailing it:

•You have until 8 p.m. on Election Day to drop off your ballot at dropbox locations around the city

•Locations to be posted soon here 

•You can also drop off your ballot at any early voting location during the City’s early voting period.


•Early Voting starts August 27, 2022 and ends on September 2, 2022, 5 pm 

•Times and locations (in additon to City Hall) will be available here

•Any voter registered in Boston can vote at any early voting location. 

•You don’t need an excuse or reason to vote early.


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