Resources for Understanding Precinct Changes in Ward 19

In Ward 19, precincts 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 were changed due to reprecincting.  Reprecincting was needed partly because of the way the legislature set up the new districts for the state house and senate.  The piece of precinct 3 on the east side of Centre St. was moved into precinct 4.  The northern part of precinct 9, along the Arborway and neighboring streets was moved into precinct 8.   The western half of precinct 7 was moved into precinct 9.  You can see details for Ward 19 on pages 61-64 of this document.  No precinct voting locations were moved, but if your precinct changed from 3 to 4 or from 7 to 9, your location will have changed.  (8 and 9 vote in the same place, so those moved from 9 to 8 still vote in the same place.)

Here are some voting resources from the Secretary of State.

Here’s where to look up where to vote, which will also give you your precinct and which districts you are going to be in due to redistricting. You can also see a sample ballot when you enter your address on that page.

From Helen Raizen, Member of the Boston Ward 19 Democratic Committee.


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